Yay! Costumes Are In!

It's Costume Time!

Hello Mrs P’s Families!

Costumes are going out in the next 1 – 2 weeks. In an effort to cut down on our carbon footprint and paper usage, we will not be sending out paper notices. Beginning Monday, January 15th, please be prepared to try on your costume and take it home.

As a reminder, if your account is showing a past due balance you will not be able to bring your costume(s) home until your account is settled.

If your class is not listed below, please don’t be concerned – your costume is on the way! We will send out additional announcements as they arrive and are ready to be distributed.

Classes being distributed Monday, January 15
3:30 Hip Hop & Ballet
4:30 Hip Hop
5:30 Jazz & Ballet
6:30 Pre-Pointe & Acro
7:30 Ballet, MTA, & Acro

Classes being distributed Tuesday, January 16
4:30 MTA & Acro
5:00 Jazz
5:30 Acro
6:30 Lyrical
7:00 Tap & Jazz

Classes being distributed Wednesday, January 17
3:30 MTA & Tap
4:30 MTA
5:30 Ballroom & Jazz
6:30 Jazz & Acro
7:30 Jazz
8:00 Acro

Classes being distributed Thursday, January 18
3:30 Voice & Acro
4:30 Acro & Voice
5:30 Ballet & Voice
6:30 Tap
7:00 Pointe
8:00 Ballet

Classes being distributed Saturday, January 27 (not a typo, yes the 27th)
10:00 Jazz
11:00 Acro
12:00 Ballet


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