We’ve got new classes!

Studio News

Good News Everybody!
We’ve got New Classes!

I sort of glossed over some of our new classes in the big newsletter, but we’ve got more!

Now is the perfect time to take a peek at your schedule, see where you might have a spare hour or two, and add a class or two! We know beginning of the school year schedules are super hectic and hard to plan. It’s a good thing we’re here for you once you’ve settled in! If you need help placing a class, stop by the desk, it’s what we’re here for!

Tuesday just got a little bit better. 
Jazz Technique was super popular this year! So popular, we’ve split into two classes, so now we’ve got one at 3:30 and one at 5:30.

You asked, we delivered.
We have a beginners Lyrical at 5:30 with Ms. Tracy. If you are looking for a beginners Lyrical, this is the place for you!

Thursday got a little bit cuter.
3:30 tiny acro is now ages 4 – 6. This is the perfect place for your aspiring gymnast! The 4:30 acro is 7+, maybe your gymnast has a slightly older sibling who wants to get in on the fun?

Saturday did too.
New baby acro class!
 Shh, don’t tell your little one we called them a baby, we don’t really mean it! But we do have an ages 4 – 7 acro on Saturday at 9AM so your (not so?) little one can go from acro right into combo 2. Hey, we know Thursday at 3:30 doesn’t work for everyone, and if that’s you, Saturday morning is the place to be!