Updated Schedule and Class Changes

We’ve been promising it all week. It’s finally here. With so many students taking so many classes, we were overwhelmed with conflicting classes this year. While this is a good thing from our perspective, it has been a headache from yours, and we understand that. Truth be told, it’s been a bit of a headache for us too.

The new (final? We sure hope so!) schedule has been publicly posted. You can also download it directly from [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=19 linktext=here /]. Please make sure you are referencing the newest schedule anytime you need to refer back to one. The date is in the lower right corner, just below the Saturday 3:00 boxes. The date should currently read 09/04/2105.

Class changes are as follows:

Musical Theatre Company
Monday 6:30 B has moved to Friday 5:00 B (this shows as 5:30 on the schedule, it does begin at 5PM)

Tap Production
Monday 7:30 C has moved to Wednesday 5:30 C

Wednesday 5:30 B has moved to Wednesday 7:30 B

Wednesday 6:30 B has moved to Wednesday 5:30 B

Wednesday 7:30 B has moved to Wednesday 6:30 B

Wednesday 5:30 C has moved to Wednesday 8:00 C

Thursday 3:30 B has moved to Thursday 5:30 A

Thursday 5:30 A has moved to Tuesday 8:00 A

Thursday 5:30 C has moved to Monday 6:30 B

Thursday 7:00 C has moved to Thursday 6:30 C

Thursday 8:00 C has moved to Thursday 7:30 C

Some of Thursday 4:30 D Voice has moved to Thursday 5:30 D. Those of you whom are effected will receive a phone call.

Class Schedule, updated 09/04/2015


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