Updated Schedule

Just a few small adjustments to the newly updated schedule. They do go into effect today. Please check this new schedule to see if your classes have been moved.

It looks like the only Monday changes are to MTA Co and Tap. MTA Co is now an hour, but still at 6:30. Tap 6/7 at 7:30 has moved and that hour is now Tap Production.

I will make phone calls this afternoon confirming the tap change to those it effects, as well as changes later in the week. I wanted to get this out ASAP. If you do not see your class, it may have been renamed. Again, I will be making phone calls later today once I make the list of everyone who has been effected.

The schedule has been updated and you can view it at any time on our website or download the PDF: [wpfilebase tag=file id=19 tpl=super_simple /].



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