Upcoming Dates & Times to Pick Classes & Register

Studio News

Summer is almost over! I’m so sad!

(This is a blanket email to the entire studio. Please ignore this email if the contents do not apply to you. If you are not sure, please ask the front desk.)

But I sure am excited to see you again soon! So I guess it’s a trade-off. I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing, regenerating summer! We come back on August 22! That is practically right around the corner!

We will be in the studio setting up classes, taking registrations, and making phone calls this week. Come on in! It’s so much easier to help set up your classes when we can both look at the schedule together.

Our doors will be open on Wednesday, August 3 from 5:30 – 7PM. I have no other dates set in stone until the 18th! If you want to come in sometime between the 4th and 17th, please email so we can try to set up something that works for both of us.

We are also scheduled for registrations on Thursday, August 18 from 3 – 7PM, Friday, August 19 from 3 – 7PM, and Saturday, August 20 from 12 – 5PM. You can come in and take care of your class schedule on those days as well.