Toddler Acro

Did you know we offer an acro class for ages 3 & up?

We have a special class just for your toddler! Don’t have your own toddler? Pass this along to someone who does!

Acrobatics focuses on stretch, strength, and balance. Your child will learn basic tumbling skills like backbend, cartwheel, headstand, handstand, front rolls, and back rolls. This class allows each student to work at their own pace and perfect each skill while also having tons of fun.

Our ages 3 – 5 class is on Thursday afternoons at 3:30 and is the same full hour that all of our other classes are! Come on in today and give it a try – it’s a great way for little ones to get the wiggles out!

toddler acro from Mrs. P’s Dance on Vimeo.

We don’t have many videos from the toddler class – but this is a good representation of what goes on 🙂

6 y/o acro from Mrs. P’s Dance on Vimeo.

6 y.o acro 2 from Mrs. P’s Dance on Vimeo.

6 y/o acro 3 from Mrs. P’s Dance on Vimeo.


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