Summer Dance Camp, Week Two!

We had such an amazing week last week! We had a great group of dancers, and their “Summertime” theme was the perfect start to summer!

This week instead of celebrating the 50’s,  we’re Frozen! Nope, not with stage fright, with Anna and Elsa! Sorry mom, you’ll just have to Let It Go this week 😉 Don’t worry, we’ll be Dancin’ Through the Decades next week.

We’ll be wrapping up our week with a quick trip down to Plaster Carousel (it is on the west end of our plaza) and our weekly recital. Please make sure you sign the permission slip for us to walk down to Plaster Carousel and send in $5.25 to pay for an item to paint.

Please also mark your calendar for 2:15PM on Friday, 6/19! We’ve moved our show to 2:30PM but please plan to be here by 2:15PM so we can start on time!

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