Picture Day 2016

Picture Day is Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

Please make sure you know your schedule times for each of your routines.

Dancers should be in full costume, hair and make up before arriving. 

Make sure that you arrive around 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time! We may be running early, or we may be shuffling around dancers in order to accommodate quick costume changes (let’s hope it’s because we’re running early!).

You can download a PDF of the picture schedule right here or view it online below.

Lots of costumes? Pack them in reverse order in your suitcase to make it easier to find what you need “next”.

Make sure your shoes have your name in them. In fact, if you can label it in a discreet area, do the same for your costume and pieces. You would be amazed at what we find once picture day is over!

Have a tip to make picture day flow a little smoother? Email it to the desk and we’ll share it! Or just tweet it out loud and hashtag us – #mrspdance or #mrsp33065 Your tip could get turned into an instagram!

Picture Day Schedule Room B Picture Day Schedule Room C


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