Last Minute Recital Tidbits


Saturday, June 6 at 4:00 PM
Check In – Check in starts at 3PM! Please do not wait until 3:45 (or later, eep!) to show up.
The girls who go on in the first five routines are being lined up starting at 3:45PM and are sent backstage.
All students will be released at the end of the show from the stage

Rehearsal Went Well! That said, we do have a few important tidbits to address.

  1. Please make sure all of your dancers’ costumes, accessories, shoes, extra tights, extra hair bands, bobby pins, a brush, etc… are packed back up tonight in their appropriate bags. Often times costumes wind up in the wrong garment bags after rehearsal.
  2. Some dancers were missing shoes today! I know I just said it, but please make sure you send their dance shoes! This is the one item I tend to forget – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned around and gone back home to get shoes! I’ve learned  my lesson and shoes go right into the garment bag with the costumes.
  3. Please send something to entertain your child when they aren’t being lined up or performing. We had a lot of unoccupied little ones today!
  4. Please send a jacket or a blanket! It’s chilly in the holding room!
  5. I’ve been asking for weeks. We do not have enough backstage help! Your child is potentially unsupervised and has no costume help in the big room. Specifically I Wanna Be Like You dancers needing a few extra hands, but we had girls today asking for help from other class moms. If you are available, ask me (Jennifer) tomorrow at check in for a name tag and stay and lend a hand! You will absolutely be able to watch your child when she is on stage. We just need you backstage when she’s in the holding room.
  6. Shirts! Shirts will be available during check in only tomorrow (they will not be offered during intermission or after the recital). Child sizes are $25, Adult sizes are $28. Cash (exact change) or Check only please.
  7. Flowers! If you pre-ordered flowers you will be able to pick them up before the show in the lobby.

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