Is it your Fifth, Tenth, or Fifteenth Year? Not sure? Check our list!


We are so excited to announce this years Five, Ten, and Fifteen year students!

If you know you should be on this list and do not see your name please contact Jenn at the front desk. On the flip side, if we’ve miscalculated your years, please let us know that too! We’re only human you know 🙂

5 Year Awards
Carly Black
Liana Castronovo
Elizabeth Engelgau
Natalia Gonzalez
Natalia Green
Victoria Mason
Jaime Shapiro
Alessandra Vega
Ryle Verma

10 Year Awards
Kayla Burns
Beth Cary
Hannah Coleman
Brianna Kane
Yasmeen Smith

15 Year Awards
Fiorella Rossi

20 Year Awards
Melissa Tussing


*updated 4/2/18


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