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Can you believe it’s already October?

In this email: tuition reminder. online & auto pay information. recital feesadding classesages 8 – 10 lyrical class availability. new saturday tech.costume size formshalloween rafflehalloween in the studioclass demonstrators needed. recital dvd. company fundraiser.
The boring tuition stuff. Your first tuition statement should be arriving in the coming week. Your tuition payment is due on the first of each month. Late fees are assessed on each account after the tenth of each month. If you have any questions about your monthly statement, please bring it with you to the studio and we will go over it with you.

We are accepting payments online! If you would like to read more about that, you can do so on our website.

Did you know we offer a monthly auto-pay? Auto-pay and online pay are both great ways to avoid late fees. I don’t like charging them, you don’t like paying them, let’s avoid them from the start! Find out more about monthly auto-pay at the desk.

Recital Fees are due 10/08/16. If you are on autopay, one half of your total fee will be taken out on 9/1 (today) and the other half on 10/1.

The not-so-boring news stuff. With classes in full-swing, and your schedule settling in, this is a great time to assess your dance schedule and see if that extra class wish could be an extra class reality! Maybe you weren’t sure if a technique class would fit into your hectic schedule, or an acro class, or whatever class you’ve had your eye on.

New Lyrical Class! We’ve added a younger Lyrical to the schedule – come in on Monday at 4:30 and take a peek! This class is for ages 8 – 10, must be taken in conjunction with a ballet class (so if you already take ballet, this is a great companion class to add), and is being taught by Ms. Tracy.

New Saturday Tech Class! This is a new Ballet Jazz Tech class – turns & leaps too! This is a great opportunity for our Saturday Jazz, Tap, & Ballet dancers to improve their technique. Just a reminder – technique classes have no recital fee!

Costume Size forms. We need your sizes! Please pick up a size form from the desk or print out your own. We have tape measures available for your use as well. Costume size forms must be turned in by October 15, 2016.

Halloween Raffle. It’s a Halloween Raffle!! Mrs P’s Broadway Dancers have a basket for you! Baskets contain a variety of items, including Halloween decorations, Halloween makeup, wine, candy, Jason masks, witches hats, vampire teeth, and more! Buy your winning ticket today!! 1 Ticket/$1, 6 Tickets/$5

Halloween in the Studio. We will be celebrating Halloween at the studio from Monday, October 24th through Saturday, October 29th. Students are invited to wear their Halloween costumes* and bring a Halloween treat for the class during this week. We will still be having class but will celebrate approximately the last fifteen minutes of each class. Please remember to bring your dance shoes to class as we will still be dancing!

*Please make sure your child can dance in their costume. Anything with a tail or a long dress train is probably a bad idea 😉

Class Demonstrators Still Needed. Must be punctual, reliable, experienced in what they’re assisting, and work well with others. Please ask at the desk for needed classes.

Pick up your recital DVD! Your 2015 recital fee included this DVD – no additional purchase necessary! If you have not picked up your DVD yet, stop by the desk to get it next time you’re in!

Pizza Discount Cards! 🍕 Mrs. P’s Broadway Dancers have a few “Slice the Price” cards left – take advantage of this amazing deal today! All proceeds form this sale go towards competition fees, convention fees, and other fees incurred by the Broadway Dancers.