Dress Rehearsal & Recital Information

Full Dress Rehearsal

Friday, June 08th at 11:00 AM
Check In will begin at 10:00 AM

The rehearsal starts promptly at 11AM, please arrive no later than 10:30AM. Some performers missed their number in previous years due to late arrival.

Students will be released at 1:45 pm from the stage of the C.S. Center for the Arts.


Saturday, June 09th at 4:00 PM
Check In will begin at 3:00 PM.

The show starts promptly at 4PM, please arrive no later than 3:30PM. Some performers missed their number in previous years due to late arrival.

All students will be released from the stage at the end of the show.

*Please Note: Baby Ballerinas and Good Ship Lollipop will be the only classes released early during rehearsal. Pick up will be at 12:00 PM for these classes only!

Both the dress rehearsal and the recital will be held at the
Coral Springs Center for the Arts
2855 Coral Springs Drive, Coral Springs
(954) 344-5990

  1. Please pack a snack and drink (clear drinks please; nothing that is greasy or will stain, no cheese doodles or nachos and no glass containers. Snacks like sliced apples and water bottles are perfect).
  2. Pack something to occupy your child while they are waiting such as: coloring books, games, cards, color forms, etc… (no markers). If you opt to pack electronics, please make sure they are well labelled, and fully charged.
  3. Please pack a hairbrush, bobby pins, hair spray, make-up, tissues, etc. . . . (label everything with the child’s name). Class parents cannot help students without the proper supplies.
  4. Please LABEL ALL PIECES of costume. This includes hats, neck pieces, headbands, tights, shoes, etc.
  5. Do NOT pin any part of the costume (please sew or velcro).
  6. Come to the Center for the Arts in full costume and make-up for both the rehearsal and the recital. If your child is in more than one routine, please check the bulletin board in the studio for his/her first routine or check this pdf.
  7. Our new software lets us know about quick change for you! Isn’t technology amazing? Please check this PDF for quick changes. If you have quick change, those costumes need to be taken to the quick change area backstage. Please check that your curtain card doesn’t add a quick change. I am pretty sure we caught all of them, but you never know.We still need an adult female helper for the quick change area. If you can do this, please contact us ASAP!
  8. After checking in at the Center for the Arts, your child will be escorted to a holding room. Only the designated class parents/volunteers will be permitted in this room. Please do not ask for special permission to enter the holding room or backstage area, as you will not be allowed. Please remember that this policy is to insure the safety of all the students, and your cooperation is appreciated.We still need some of our older students to help as runners – please let Miss Jennifer or Miss Beth know if you can show up early to do this.
  9. Students will NOT be released early from the rehearsal or the recital. We will be releasing ALL students after the finale from the stage. We ask that only one parent per child come into the auditorium for the releasing of students at 1:45 pm on the afternoon of the dress rehearsal.



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