Tracy Bailey
Tracy Bailey

This performance group is for those students who wish to continue to excel and showcase their acrobatic ability.

Taught by Ms. Tracy Bailey, once a student, then instructor at Mrs. P’s since 1986. Tracy started her acrobatics education at the age of 5 under the direction of Joseph Pozzuoli (Mr. Joey). At a young age she became his official assistant, learning the basics in spotting safety, form and technique.

For the past 21 years as an instructor, under the continued guidance of Joseph Pozzuoli (Mr. P), Tracy has continued to develop and adapt her acrobatic instruction methods to keep up with the ever-changing field of acrobatics and dance.

This new opportunity is for the acrobatic student who wishes to advance their skill set, form and technique, as well as expand on performance and competitive opportunities. Certain basic requirements are necessary to be considered. Please inquire at the desk if you are interested in finding out more about Acro Company.