Company Auditions



It’s Audition Time!

Mrs. P is holding auditions for the 2016 – 2017 Broadway Dancers
One of them could be you!

Saturday, May 07

The sign up sheet is on the Company bulletin board in the studio.

Auditions are for Dance Company, Musical Theatre Company, and introducing the new Acro Company!



Please be prepared to perform 60 seconds of an original routine. Don’t forget your music!

Please be prepared to sing a few lines of a song of your choice. Practice in the morning so your vocal chords are warmed up!


Some Pointers
1. A strong area may compensate for a weaker one. Don’t be discouraged if your qualifications are different from our requirements.
2. Personality, overall appearance, and stage presence are of the utmost importance! Remember to look up and smile 🙂
3. You are performing! Not merely demonstrating technical ability.
4. The only way of not making company is not trying.


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