Pay Online

You’re account is now viewable and payable through our Parent Portal.


Using our new system you can view schedules, statements, previous  payments, register for both special classes & general classes, all  online! Our Parent Portal makes it quick and easy for you to do all of this. If you need instructions on how to use it, there is a short video on the sign in page. If you still have questions after that, give me a call at the front desk, I’ll be happy to help you out, and of course, I am always happy to go over your account in it’s entirety in  person.


Why is this so important? We are no  longer mailing  paper statements. Our new system will allow us to email your  statement at the beginning of each month. Again, please make you are are  receiving email from “”. You  will also continue to receive an email newsletter from us, for a total  of two emails on or around the first of each month. Payment is still due  on the first, as  it always has been, and it late after the tenth, as it always has been. You can log into your Parent Portal to see your previous payments as well as any payments due.

To login to our Parent Portal  CLICK HERE

Your Login ID is your  Email Address

To reset your password,  just click the “Forgot  your password” link.


We were recently advised that quite a few of our emails (all of them?) have  wound up in spam boxes instead of inboxes. That may mean you’ve missed out on a lot of important information, including, but not limited to, how to access your tuition statement. Please set your inbox to allow mail from  “” & “”  – even if you have received email in the past.


As always, if you have any questions, just give us a call. Again, thank you so much for working with Mrs P’s during  this time of growth as we move over to a new billing system. We understand it is vastly different from our  previous system, and we’ve been emailing about it quite a bit. We want to make sure everyone is aware of the new system.