This is the payment page for Mrs. P’s Coral Springs location only. If you are looking for the Boca Raton or Port St. Lucie locations, you can find links to their websites at the bottom of any of our pages.

If you have received your bill, or just want to make a deposit to your account, you can pay online here. We can also take payment over the phone, and of course in person.

We will be notified at the studio and will apply your payment by the next business day.

As a reminder, classes are $73.00 per month for your first class, each additional class is $66.00 per month. 90 minute classes are billed at $110.00 for the first and $103.00 for each additional 90 minute class. The unlimited monthly fee is $380.

Your first recital fee is $225, each additional recital fee is $175.


One 60 Minute Class


One 90 Minute Class


Two 60 Minute Classes


Two 90 Minute Classes


Three 60 Minute Classes


Four 60 Minute Classes


Five 60 Minute Classes



One Recital


Two Recitals


Three Recitals


Four Recitals


Five Recitals