Class Attire

This is the dress code for Mrs P’s Dance. The sections below will help you choose the right attire for your class(es). Only dance sweaters are allowed in ballet classes. No t-shirts or sweatshirts are permitted for ballet. Ballet shoes should have elastic sewn on (see information below or ask us how to do it). Leg warmers may be worn at the beginning of ballet class. Be sure to label all your clothes, shoes, and bags.

Ballet Technique
Combo I & Combo II
Combo III
Hip Hop

PLEASE NOTE: Only dance shoes are allowed on the dance floor.

Hair: For all classes, hair must be pulled back, away from the face. For all ballet classes, hair must be styled into a bun.

How to Do a Bun: Pull hair back into a high ponytail and fasten with a ponytail holder. Twist the tail into a spiral and wind it around the holder in a circular path, securing it with bobbie pins and hair pins as you go. Cover the bun with a hair net, wrapping it at least twice around the bun. If hair is too short for a bun, then secure hair away from the face with barrettes.

Eyeglasses: It is always preferable to attend classes without eyeglasses; not simply for aesthetic reasons, but for safety issues. If a student must wear eyeglasses in class, then they must be adequately secured. Please note that students will be asked to try to participate in general rehearsals and performances without eyeglasses, if possible.

How to Sew Elastic on Shoes: Fold forward the back edge of the shoe towards the toe and mark where the back edge meets the inside of the shoe. Extend mark across to either side of shoe— this is where you attach the elastic. Attach elastic to one side of shoe. Measure elastic to student’s foot. Lay it across the foot with no wrinkling or buckling.The elastic must be tight enough to hold the shoe on the foot but loose enough to not to cut off circulation. Attach elastic to other side of shoe and trim excess. Tie thin elastic at front of shoe snug enough to hold shoe on foot without leaving marks on foot after shoe is worn.

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