With classes from 4 years to adult, our classes are based on individual student’s abilities. Beginners are introduced in basic tumbling skills, while intermediate and advanced students are taught hand springs, aerials, and intricate tumbling passes. A spring board is used in more advanced classes.

Our Ballet classes are Checetti with strong nods to Russian and French accents. There is strong emphasis on body alignment, terminology and technique. In addition, our ballet mistresses are well versed in pointe, modern and lyrical.

For our students, 2½ – 5 years, we offer combination classes of Ballet/Tap or Jazz/Tap with students receiving instruction in each discipline for a half hour each. For younger students, activities geared toward social skills are incorporated.

With a variety of styles and teachers, all our jazz classes are ballet-based. Students learn turns, leaps, and jumps as well as todays “hottest” hip hop and funk combinations.

A combination of ballet and jazz. With strong emphasis on ballet technique, lyrical incorporates the stability of ballet with the raw energy of jazz. Contemporary music, along with strong emotional content make for a very powerful dance form.

Musical Theater
An introduction to musical theater incorporating singing, dancing and acting. The students are exposed to monologues, character pieces and ensemble work.

For the more advanced ballet student, pointe classes are offered. With a strong technical background, students are attired with pointe shoes, learn barre work with emphasis with body alignment and strength. They continue on the center floor technique and finally “cross the floor” combinations on pointe

Using the Gilbert Graded Tap system, Mrs. P’s achieves great success with it’s 6 levels of tap, beginner to advanced. Barre, center floor and across the floor combinations are included in every class. Tap classes incorporate a variety of styles from Broadway to funk, country to swing.

With students age 6 to adult, our voice technique utilizes bel canto and sol feggio exercises with emphasis on pitch, range and pronunciation. Music styles range from Broadway “legit” to pop to country. Style, harmony, and live performance are worked on in class as well as incorporating musical theatre, interpretation and dance for a well rounded performer.