Class Parent Responsibilities 2017

Class Parent Responsibilities

  1. Class parents must be at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts at 9:45 am on the morning of the Dress Rehearsal (June 09, 2017 and at 2:45 pm on the afternoon of the Recital (June 10, 2017).  Please be on time, as we need the class parents in place to receive the students.  Please remain with your assigned class until all of the students have been released to their parents at the end of the performance.
  2. Please remember that you are volunteering to care for the entire class or classes, if the routine is combined.
  3. Touch up make-up and hair if necessary.
  4. Line class up when your routine is called (curtain card dancers in front).  Class parents will walk with their class from the holding room to the stage, watch their routine from the audience, and then escort them back to the holding room.
  5. Remind other parents about coloring books, snacks, etc… before the recital.
  6. Remember there are NO performers allowed in the audience at the dress rehearsal or the recital.
  7. There are NO parents, other than backstage volunteers, allowed in the holding room, the audience, or the backstage area.
  8. We will be lining up the 5, 10, & 15 year students toward the end of Act 1.  Please make sure they are ready and help to line them up.
  9. The finale will NOT be performed at the dress rehearsal.  At the conclusion of the dress rehearsal, all students will be lined up (WITH ALL OF THEIR BELONGINGS), escorted back to the stage, and released by class from the stage.
  10. On the night of the recital, students will be released by class from the stage after the finale.  The parents will then escort their children back to the holding room to obtain their belongings.
  11. The following classes will line up after the finale for Bye Bye:  Baby Ballerinas, Hey Mickey
  12. Please stay with children until they are released to their parents.
  13. Please remember when buying your recital tickets that you do not need a recital ticket for yourself or your performer.

We would like to emphasize how important you are to the swift and successful outcome of our recital.  Again, thank you for your time and cooperation.


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