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Staying Informed
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  • NEVER  wear your dance shoes outside. Not only is it hard on the shoes, it also tracks dirt and debris into the dance room and dance floor. It is important we keep the dance floor clean and sanitary.
  • Do not bring food or gum into the studio
  •  Students must be picked up promptly inside the studio
  •  No smoking or eating allowed inside the studio
  •  Please observe dress code
  •  Students will be asked to sit their class if tuition fees are not paid by the second class of the month and will not be admitted to class if not paid by the third class.

We reserve the right to drop from our register any student for any reason including:

  •  Excessive lateness or absence
  •  Disruptive behavior
  •  Non-payment of tuition or other charges

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Students are expected to be present and on time for all classes. Please notify school if you expect to be absent. Perfect attendance awards will be given to those students who have no absences for the semester (must be registered and attending classes prior to Jan. 1, 2016 to qualify).

Please pick up your child promptly. Late pick-ups may be charged a late fee of $5 per ¼ hr. or part thereof.
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Dress Requirements

All Classes

  •  Hair must be pulled up and secured for all classes
  •  No baggy shirts in class
  •  No jewelry!
  •  No scrunchies!
  •  For your convenience, all dance wear may be obtained through the studio.

Combination Classes

  •  Pink leotard
  •  Pink tights
  •  Pink ballet shoes
  •  Tan tap shoes

Ballet: Girls

  •  Black leotard
  •  Pink tights
  •  Pink ballet shoes
  •  Hair must be pulled up and secured in a bun!
  •  Ballet skirts suggested

Ballet: Boys

  •  Black togs
  •  White t-shirt
  •  Black or tan ballet shoes
  •  Dance belt


  •  Tan jazz shoes (beginner classes only)
  •  Tan heels


  •  Tan tap shoes
  •  Students must be in tan heel taps as soon as size warrants
  •  No jingle taps!


  •  Bike pants or leotard
  •  Stirrup/ankle tights
  •  No shoes

Hip Hop

  •  Leotard
  •  Tights
  •  Dance sneakers or Jazz shoes
  •  No street shoes or sneakers

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We work hard to make the dance experience organized and fun. Keeping you informed is one of our primary goals. You will receive frequent informative emails throughout the year. Notes and important updates are no longer printed and handed out to our students at the conclusion of class. They are emailed and posted to our website and social media. Please make sure you give us an email address that you check daily/frequently.  It is your responsibility to check your emails on all dance days.

If you have any questions regarding the information posted, we encourage you to contact the office at 954-753-5480.

If you have any questions please check our website for the answers. If you cannot find the answer please contact the studio.

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Student and Parent Use of Social Media 

Use of FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, blogging, and other online social media is commonplace. This policy is intended to provide Mrs. P’s Dance & Acrobatic Studios, Inc, students, and parents with guidelines to eliminate any confusion concerning the use of social media.

  • You do not have permission to reveal any information that compromises Mrs P’s. By that, we mean you are forbidden to share personal information about the director, other students or their families, or anything that is proprietary and/or confidential to them.
  • Students and parents should neither claim nor imply that they are speaking on behalf of Mrs. P’s.
  • Never post anything that could compromise the self-esteem of our students.
  • Respect the law, including those laws governing defamation, discrimination, harassment, and copyright and fair use. Parents and students should never post negative comments about other schools or teachers. Also, please do not post negative comments about school activities such as competitions, conventions, and performances, or about the directors of those events.
  • No student is allowed to “friend” any staff member’s personal page until after they graduate from high school.
  • Students can contact staff members through the front desk staff.
  • Social Media is a great outlet for supporting our studio so make sure to continually post photos and positive comment from all dance experiences.
  • If you choose to post videos of routines, please only post clips of the routine. Do not post the routine in it’s entirety. This leaves us open to having our choreography stolen by competing studios.

We are happy to have you tag Mrs P’s all over the internet! You can find us in the following places:

  • email us
  • FaceBook
  • InstaGram
  • Twitter
  • Yelp
  • Pinterest
  • RSS
  • Our Website


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